10 Unexpected Texts from your Exes After Breakup

There are very few people in this world who doesn’t fall in love. Now a days it’s quite common to fall in love and to breakup. It takes few days to understand the mistakes done. In between the gap we expect a text from the crush. Most common texts received are sorry, forgive me, It’s my fault I am sorry, Let’s forget all, Don’t repeat this again etc., But there are some unexpected replies from exes that you never believe.


Most unexpected messages from exes after breakup:

1. Sometimes it’s Hard to Move On – when your ex texts” I miss you so much and I’m not happy with my life”.

2. Saying delete my contact number – My Ex Texted me “please delete my number from your contact list” – I replied” who is this?”.

3. Egos- Every time we use to think “why I should text her first, let her do” or “Why I should text him first, let him do”.

4. Let’s forgive all: You’ll receive texts “Let’s forgive all which had happened before; from now will you be my soul mate?”.

5. Apologies – “sorry for cheating you by saying untruth stories”.

6. Says got wrong text – “They want to text and does too. But says unfortunately you received wrong text, by mistake it happened”.

7. It cannot comeback but should bare pain- “When your ex says I’m not happy with my husband or wife”.

8. Sexual Satisfaction– “You are the best when compared to my husband or wife“.

9. Pains with Unforgettable memories – “When you see the memories list which you had spent with your ex girlfriend”.

10. When you fall in love with someone – “It is impossible to accept the one as a friend, once you want to be in relationship”.

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