10 Best Skin Care Tips in Winter

1. Get some rest:
In 24 hour day, get some sleep around 7-8 hours. Because when your health is filled with good sleeping hours then there will be no pesky under eye bags. Sleep hour’s gifts you the beauty skinny face, where face creams cannot offer.

2. Citrus Snacks:
Take citrus as regular snacks. Some of the examples of citrus are lemon, oranges and grape fruits. As they help you in improvement of kidneys and liver health, with these there will be a clear connection between the healthy organs and healthy skin. Vitamin C rich foods are very grateful to glow a skin and prevent wrinkles.

3. Massage:
When you do massage in a circular motion on your skin, the blood circulation gets improve.  These blood cells make your skin feel free from all health disorders. Do the same massage in circular motion on your face when you wash. This trick will help your face to look out beauty.

4. Protect from Sun:
During day time, take a precautions for not to expose your skin too much to sun light. Because sun light can damage your skin particle and makes you look ugly. To overcome this skin damage wears a sunscreen, so that your skin feels relaxed and protected.  And it can help you in preventing skin cancers, wrinkles and sunburn.

5. Always be busy on bed:
When you share complete feelings with your partners on bed can help your skin from all disorders. Because having sex can release endorphins. These endorphins give your skin a special glow which some other things cannot.

6. Chocolate for Skin:
Dark Chocolates contains full of antioxidants.  These antioxidants will help and protect your skin. As when you take a small piece of chocolate, it makes you feel pleasure and brain stands on happy mood.

7. Regular Exercise:
Doing regular exercise will help you deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin.  And with regular exercise fat burn can be done. If you are uncomforted to go gym then you can get with a dance.

8. Drink water:
Drinking enough water can help your skin glow. When the body gets dehydrate, then the water levels decreases and this can cause skin dullness. So take minimum of 7-8 glasses of water per day for better health and for skin too.

9. Cup of tea:
Take regularly a cup of white or green tea. Because it helps in preventing dehydration to your skin cells. Tea can act as anti-aging agent and helps your skin from skin disorders.

10. Exfoliate:
When your skin is looking out dull, than surely it needs a scrub. By doing these scrub down, the skin cells which had dead will get remove. Freshly and new glowing skin rises. Do this exfoliation only twice in a week to avoid displeasure on skin. Keeping your skin moisturized and exfoliated can help you in preventing wrinkles.

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