How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly – Step by Step Tips and Tricks

Every woman wants to look good and aims to attract the eyes of others. One of the most attractive parts on the face is LIPS. When you apply lipstick to your lips, it looks great but it cannot stay longer. To maintain lipstick for longer time, just follow these simple tips

1. Exfoliate your lips:
Wash your lips regularly to maintain softness on them because to avoid skin dryness. You can buy a washing lip scrubs in the market or you can make a use of tooth brush for lips softening. This exfoliating lips trick can help your lipstick go on smoother and helps in staying for longer time.

2. Clean Your Lips:
For long last lipstick, clean your lips perfectly before you apply. When you take any food containing oil, can stops applying lipstick to your lips. Some people faces look so oily and grease, they have to clean their faces carefully. When your face is oily or grease or with moisturizing lips, then applying lipstick does not move smooth and it cannot helps lipstick stay longer.

3. Avoid Dry Lips:
When your lips are dry, the lipstick cannot be observed by your lips. Before 10 minutes of applying a lipstick, use lip balm to make your lips smooth and wet. So that lipstick stays longer.

4. Use Primers:
Use lipstick primers for long lasting lipsticks. It is an extra step in beautifying the lips with lipsticks. These primers have a waxy texture that helps lipstick attach longer time.

5. Best Brands:
We can see different kinds of lipsticks with different brand names in the market. Cheap & low quality lipsticks will fade very fast. Get a high quality brand of lipsticks so that they cannot fade very quickly. In order to get long lasting lipsticks, go for good quality and rated brands.

6. Right Shade:
Choose a right shade lipstick. When you lighter the shade of the lipsticks, they cannot stay longer and wear off easily. So take a right choice in choosing thick and dark colors. Dark colors contain more pigment in it, so they keep their colors for longer duration. Dark colors cannot wipe off easily even when you take food or drinks and lick your lips.

7. Stop Feathering:
You can stop bleeding of lipstick by lining your lips. Applying brow gel or clear mascara around outside of your lips can restrict feathering.  This will help in stopping lipstick bleed onto your skin.

8. Double Coats:
Double coat your lips. Initially apply one coat, dab with some tissue paper and then go for second coat and these makes all the difference from regular. Because with these two step coats the lipstick lasts long as well as color of lipstick looks realistic.

9. Powder for longer lipstick:
After all above steps, it’s a final step. Once you have applied your lipstick, take a single-ply tissue and place it over your lips and then place a dust of fine translucent powder. This will help your lipstick set correctly and keeps for more hours in good looking mode.

10. Skip Gloss:
These lip glosses can shine your lips and make so attractive. But glosses often contain oils and other ingredients which can break up lip color and dilute the effectiveness of lipstick. Glosses can offer your lips to look so great but cannot offer last long hours. So you just skip using lip glosses.


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