Homemade Eye Care Tips for Beautiful and Glowing Eyes

Eyes are the most attractive elements on the humans face. They are very sense able organs in our body. In the duty of beautifying an eyes include these several steps and precautions to be followed

1. Dark Circles:
In both, men and women we see this dark circles problems. This dark circles makes look ugly, tired and aged out.  As science sates that, the skin under our eye is very sensitive and thinnest part which doesn’t contain any fat and oil gland. So it is the main reason why under eye skin gets affected easily by certain factors. The major causes of dark circles are insufficient sleep, poor diet and dehydration. So avoid late night works and give some relaxation to your beautiful eyes. Here are the some tips given below how to reduce or remove dark circles.

2. Cucumber Slices:
Cucumber slices are the most used natural home remedy for dark circles under eyes. After slicing cucumber, place them on your eyes by lying back on bed or floor. These slices helps your under eye skin from dryness and vanishes redness in your eyes. Put cucumber slices for 10-15 minutes so that you’ll find good results in short period. Most important thing here you have to remember is don’t give a chance to fall cucumber water in your eyes. You just close your eyes and place them over.

3. Honey and Almond Oil:
Initially mix these both honey and almond oil.  Now take a mixture and apply where your skin got affected with dark circles. Do this activity before you going to sleep.  You’ll surely observe some good results within a few days.

4. Green Tea bags:
Green tea bags also help in reducing dark circles under eyes. Take two used green tea bags which are cool enough, place them on your both eyes for 10-15 minutes. The caffeine present in green tea bags can reduce puffiness under eyes. Be careful while placing these bags on your eyes and don’t let liquid fall into your eyes.

5. Rose Water:
It is known as natural coolant for the body. Rose water is so effective in reduction of dark circles under eyes. Take cotton ball and drop 2-3 drops of rose water on it, rub or massage this cotton ball on the area where dark circles formed about 5-7 minutes. You’ll surely see a good outcome results in few weeks.

6. Avoid Smoking:
Try to quit smoking because it can damage your blood vessels around your eyes. It will damage your eye sight and restricts blood to pass through the eye blood vessels. As per science, under eye blood capillaries are so thin and delicate. So over smoking can restrict and affect these blood vessels.

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