Best and Cheap Home Remedies for Weight Loss that everyone can do

Excess weight is the major problem for most of the people. Everyone wants to reduce their weight but fails due to insufficient time. Here we are suggesting few home remedies for weight loss that won’t take much time.

Coconut Oil:

Coconuts are plentiful of medium chain fatty acids. These acids will help in weight loss by boosting metabolism rate. From coconut we get benefited with coconut water, coconut flesh and coconut oil.

Regular diet plan: During breakfast, take Oatmeal plus one cup of black coffee with one tea spoon coconut oil. Take 1 cup of coconut water after the lunch. Mixing of Coconut oil and coffee will not only supply your body a good amount of healthy fat to keep you fit and active but also tastes great!
Before breakfast, in the early morning take 1 cup overnight soaked Fenugreek water because it boosts metabolism and flushes out toxins from the colon.
Maintain this regular diet for 2 weeks. You’ll get the better results for sure and you feel good change in your body weight.


Apples for Weight Loss:

1. Apples are the water content fruits. In a single medium size apple, it contains about 85% of water. Water rich foods which often leads to reduced calorie intake.

2. It is not only the water filled fruit, but also it lowers the energy density of foods greatly.

3. Energy density is nothing but a number of calories in a particular weight of food. Studies shows, foods with lower energy density will lead to high in water as well as fiber. These studies truly fit for Apple fruits.

4. A medium size apple contains 4 grams of fiber. The recommended fiber intake for women was 15 % and for men it was 12%.

5. So taking more rich fiber foods will helps you in losing weight and it reduces the risks of obesity.

6. When we take fiber rich foods, it will slow down the digestion. With these you feel fuller with little calories. Due to this reason, foods high in fiber will let you eat very less calorie, which does help in weight loss.

7. A single medium apple has only 95 calories. But there will be a plenty of water & fiber in it. The foods with lower energy density will promote completeness, reduces calorie intake and weight loss. Apples are the most important and healthy fruit.

8. Daily Intake of single or two apples will helps you in reducing obesity risks and weight loss.  Apples will keep you fit and healthy.


Avoid Junk Foods:

The most important thing you must know when you want to lose weight is which foods I have to take and which are not in order to avoid excess weight.

1. Junk food is a food which provides too much of fat and more number of calories.  In these foods you are gifted with fewer nutrients.

2. Consuming a small amount of junk food is not a big issue on health and sometimes it helps in maintenance of body weight

3. But it will be at your own risk because when you are not in control of taking Junk food as limit then it will harm your health and diet. The one who are in obesity state can get more health issues like heart problems, blood pressure, etc.

4. Foods which are higher in cholesterol will lead you to the risks of obesity. Junk foods such as restaurant-fried foods, processed foods, donuts and boxed baked treats contain more fat.

5. The foods which are prepared in oil which is less in quality will lead you to serious health problems.

6. Junk food does not contain sufficient nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates. Junk food can spoil your heart and liver conditions.

7. With this junk food you’ll be harmed by lack of energy, poor concentration, heart diseases and high cholesterol.

8. Some of the common junk food items are cakes, chips, bacon, cookies, conventional burgers, donuts, French fries, fried food, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza, processed bread, processed vegetable oil, marshmallow, soft drinks, sugary cereal.

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