7 Best Indoor Plants That You Can Grow in Your House Right Now!

As there is very limited space in our garden we may not able to plant more outdoor plants, for those we have come up with the best indoor plants which helps in de-stress your home and also purifies the air. Below are the list of best indoor plants which are very helpful and also low maintenance.

Low Cost Indoor Plants for Your Home:

1. Aloe Vera:
As we know Aloe Vera contains multiple medical benefits, this plant is also called as home medicine which is very useful for Skin and Hair Problems. It is a rich source of medical properties. Aloe Vera helps in purifying air as well as cool downs the temperature of our home and surroundings. This plant grows irrespective of temperature and with very low maintenance.

2. Snake Plant:
The snake plant releases oxygen in high ratio. You can put this plant in your rest rooms, so that it can help you sleep peacefully.

3. Golden Pothos:
It can grow in a limited sunlight. This golden Pothos can helps in removal of toxins like benzene, carbon monoxide, xylene and formaldehyde from your surroundings and also lowers room temperature.

4. Rubber Plant:
This rubber plant purifies air and lowers temperature. They indeed require less quantity of water but need rich soil to grow and live healthy.

5. Boston Fern:
It can be used for house decoration. It mainly helps in adding enough amount of humidity and also acts as air purifier.

6. Fichus tree:
When you place this plant in your house, it acts like anti-pollutant agent and makes your surrounding areas odorless and fresh.

7. Areca Palm Tree:
In most of the houses we find this Areca Palm Tree. It is one of the fine agents in air purifying and keeps your house environment cool with enough humidity.

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